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JATINANGOR, RH.SITH.ITB.AC.ID On Thursday, March 29th 2018, located in Labtek 1A ITB Jatinangor, PT. Sartonet Filtrasi Indonesia paid a visit to ITB’s Bioengineering Department. Pt Sartonet Filtrasi is an official agent of Sartorius Stedim Biotech which is a company that provides laboratory tools and instruments from Germany. This visit occurred in occasion of “Customer Visit”, an event where PT Sartonet Filtrasi Indonesia visits an institution or other industries that have the potential to be a customer of PT Sartonet Filtrasi Indonesia. Furthermore, PT. Sartonet Filtrasi Indonesia’s visit was represented by the employers who happened to be alumni of the Bioengineering program, Widya Pratiwi (BE 2011) and M. Gidry Abdurazzak (BE 2013).

Because of the rapid growth of the Bioengineering discipline, PT Sartonet Filtrasi Indonesia sees the Bioengineering department as a potential partner to support the requirement of human resources in the field of Bio industries, especially in the future.  According to PT Sartonet Filtrasi Indonesia, to reach that said partnership, there needs to be an effort to provide students with insight as well as adequate facilities. For that reason, the 2 alumni of ITB’s Bioengineering program took a chance to hold a “knowledge sharing” session and work together with ITB to provide products that are able to bolster classes and research held by the Bioengineering program.

“Bioengineering discipline is developing rapidly. However, in terms of facilities and its perception about industries, we see that the Bioengineering department still has long ways to go. Because of that matter, we, as alumni, are driven to contribute to our almamater by providing knowledge and technology to this department.” Said Gidry.

The company’s presence, one which moves forward in “Bioprocess Solution and Lab Products & Services”, was introduced by Dr. M. Yusuf Abduh, the Head of the Bioengineering Department. During his presentation, PT. Sartonet Filtrasi Indonesia got a chance to explain their products. The tools and instruments that are sold by the company includes almost all of the tools and instruments that are imperative in the Biopharmaceutical Industry, from beginning to end. However, the company emphasized on the products related to the Bioprocess Solution part of the processa part which is complementary to Bioengineering. The aforementioned products include Bioreactor, filter, and an instrument of ultrafiltration.

During this visit, the two alumni offered a “knowledge sharing” session for the students of the Bioengineering department that is planned to be held during school hours. That offer instantly received positive responses from the Bioengineering department. The session is planned to be held during two classes, Principles of Bio separation and Thesis-II. The classes are strongly related to the tools and instruments that are offered by PT Sartonet Filtrasi Indonesia. This guest lecture is expected to support research and learning process of the students in the Bioengineering program.

At the end of the visit, the head of the Bioengineering Department gave a few words.

“I am very happy and very appreciative of the Bioengineering alumni’s good intent to visit their almamater to share various knowledge and experiences with the students in the Bioengineering program. I hope that the current students will gain insight about the Bio separation tools and instruments that are commonly used in Biondustries. I hope that in the future, more alumni will come to visit their almamater to contribute to develop the Bioengineering program to be better and better,” said Dr. M. Yusuf Abduh.

las Dr. M. Yusuf Abduh.

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