Educational Objectives and Program Learning Outcomes

Educational Objectives

  1. To become a professional who applies the bio-based engineering principles and approaches in bio-industry.
  2. To become an individual who is effective and strong by showing great leadership at work.
  3. To become a developing individual who continues to study at the higher level in bio-based industrial engineering or other relevant subjects, in certified or professional training, and actively involved in professional development activity in his/her profession.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Study Program Learning Outcomes are:

  1. Ability to apply sciences, mathematics, and information technology as the bases of a comprehensive understanding of bio-system engineering principle and approach.
  2. Ability to design the processing system and production operation based on local and national biological resource in generating bio-product with high and economical yield, productivity, and quality through the application of the bio-refinery principle.
  3. Ability to design and conduct experiment also analyze and interpret data as the basis of engineering evaluation.
  4. Ability to identify, arrange and solve bio-engineering problems.
  5. Ability to apply the principle, approach, and utilize the latest technical device in developing the bio-based industry.
  6. Ability to communicate scientifically both written and verbal effectively.
  7. Ability to plan, finish, and evaluate the final research and preliminary design assignments using the available facilities.
  8. Ability to adapt to a diverse cultural environment and to work independently or in a group effectively, both in the same and cross field of science.
  9. Ability to demonstrate responsibilities by analyzing and giving a solution towards the impact of engineering application in social, economy, and environment also be responsive to community needs.
  10. Ability to show the importance of lifelong learning with proactive, systematic, creative, critical and innovative mindset.