Student’s Innovation for West Java: Inside-Outside Competition

Writer : Fakhira Rifanti Maulana, S.T.

JATINANGOR, RH.SITH.ITB.AC.ID –Department of Bioengineering from Faculty of Life Sciences and Technology of Bandung Institute of Technology through Biorefinery Society (BIOS), Agrotechnology and Bioproduct Technology (ATB) Scientific Group continues to support the realization of creative ideas from students by organizing a competition event called Inside-Outside. This competition invites university students to design Mobile Depulper Unit (MDU) with the theme “Valorization of West Java Coffee”. The event that was carried out from 12th of March 2018 to 26th April 2018 invited several lecturers from ATB Scientific Group as the jury for the competition, namely Dr. M. Yusuf Abduh, Annisa Ratna Nurillah, S.T., M.Si and Khairul Hadi Burhan, S.T., M.T.. The CEO of BIOS, Bagoes Inderaja (alumni of Bioengineering) and Dr. Asep Hidayat from ATB Scientific Group and Department of Agricultural Engineering were also invited as juries. After the judging that was carried out in Seminar Room, Labtek 1A Building, Jatinangor ITB Campus (29/04/18), the machine design by Team AgriChine with its members; Abdul Aziz Ibnu Husni (Agricultural Engineering, 2015), Yuzar Arigi (Mechanical Engineering, 2015) and Fikri Barry Alfian (Mechanical Engineering, 2015) was declared the winner of the competition. The team managed to design a pulper machine innovation titled “Design of Pulper Machine Integrated with Coffee Cherry Sorting Tool to Increase Productivity of Kelompok Tani Mekar Barokah, Sumedang” (“Rancang Bangun Mesin Pulper yang Terintegrasi dengan Alat Penyortir Ceri Kopi untuk Meningkatkan Produktivitas Kopi Kelompok Tani Mekar Barokah, Sumedang”). The subsequent article is the interview with the winning team.

Pulper Machine at Cibacang (Left) and Pulper Machine Design by Team AgriChine

From Students for the Community

The team explained that their initial motivation for joining the competition is the need as students to make realistic creations to help solving problems that occur in the community which they saw by themselves. One of the team’s member; Abdul Aziz explained that in Cibacang village, Sumedang exists a Farmer’s Group (Kelompok Tani Mekar Barokah) that manages a coffee farming system. The village already had a coffee pulper machine, however in reality the farmers still had problems; the machine could not peel coffee with different sizes so that farmers still had to sort coffee by their sizes manually. From this problem, Aziz contacted two of his colleagues from Department of Mechanical Engineering to collaborate on finding a solution for the problem. The team then designed a pulper machine with several innovations, one of which is a filter to sort coffee by their sizes so that the farmers do not need to sort coffee manually.

The machine design competition is a real challenge for the winning team. The team said that time is their main challenge, the team had to finish their design within a short timeframe. Ideally, designing a machine needs 6 months to complete. Moreover, members of the team have different lecture location, which are Jatinangor and Ganesha, so distance and leisure time are also challenges the team had to face. Nevertheless, the team still managed to win this competition event.

In addition to challenges, the team also encountered valuable experience that they want to share. Collaboration is one aspect the team emphasized that helped them to solve problems relating to aspects of agricultural machines. According to them, in designing machines, in-depth studies from reliable sources and careful calculations are very important to do. Furthermore, the team stresses on the experience of being directly involved with the community ease students on knowing the core problem so that they can come up with a solution or technology that is efficient. This is what Aziz, Yuzar, and Fikri did, designing a machine based on the needs of the community in Cibacang although the design could not be fully implemented yet.

“Friends, please create wherever you are. Designed technology will be useful if it comes from the tears of the community”, said Aziz.

Harapan ke Depannya

Judging Process of Pulper Machine Design by Team AgriChine

This mobile pulper unit design competition becomes an event that is helpful for Team AgriChine. The team conveys their gratefulness for the organizing committee and the juries for their inputs for the design. Although Inside-Outside competition is already over, in the future efficient technology needed by the Indonesian community will increase. The team hopes that the competition can be held onwards to find new effective innovations that can be built to help the community. In the end of the interview, Yuzar shared the continuation of Team AgriChine’s idea.

“After we joined this competition, we still have hope. From our design, we will build a prototype to evaluate the machine’s performance. We hope that this machine will be useful for the community in the future,” explained Yuzar.

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